Did you know that there are now two ways for alumni to stay connected to the Freeman School and to fellow alumni?  The following provides a brief description of each service and a link so you can "connect" with us and each other. We suggest that you cover all your bases and utilize both services.  It's very easy to do


This is a database of over 20,000 Freeman business alumni records. It is a repository for crucial information - addresses (home and work), phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, companies - all used for keeping in touch. This is not an interactive system.  Every alumnus has a record in this system, which is updated either by the alum or by the university as it is made aware of changes. Why should you utilize this system? You can find information on alumni who may not have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts or who may not be signed up for FreemanConnect. You can search for/sort the information differently than on LinkedIn and FreemanConnect.

  • Keep your contact information up to date for correspondence from the school such as Freeman Magazine, invitations, reunion information, etc.
  • Locate classmates, a Realtor in an area to which you're moving, someone who works at a company in which you're interested, etc.
Freeman Connect

This is a true social networking site and is the official networking platform of the Freeman School. The system allows you to sync your LinkedIn profile or Facebook account with Freeman Connect and does NOT require any additional passwords to remember or profiles to create. It is an interactive system and very easy to use. You can sign up in less then two minutes. In three words, why should you join? Networking, networking, networking.

  • Re-connect - Find and reminisce with fellow graduates, see what they have been up to and stay in touch.
  • Give back - Introduce, employ and offer to act as a mentor to our graduating students.
  • Expand - Leverage your professional network to get introduced to people you should know.
  • Advance - Advance your career through inside connections working in top companies.
The Tulane University Alumni Association has a similar platform called TulaneConnect. The difference between the two systems is that FreemanConnect is restricted to Freeman School of Business alumni. You can certainly sign up for both platforms.